Out of the Women's Fellowship have come several other opportunities for education and service. 

There is a monthly Women's Study Group that usually meets once  per month for discussion on a book.

The Prayer Shawl Ministryknits and crochets Prayer Shawls for people in the community, near and far, that are in need of prayers.  They usually meet on a Thursday evening once per month.  All ages and genders are welcome!

Women's Fellowship

Seeking to promote religious & social life, benevolent & philanthropic work in our community and world.

How the Women's Fellowship Grew... A Brief History

In a sense, the Women's Fellowship predates the Norris Religious Fellowship. It began as a group of women who wanted to help others by being Good Neighbors. As the interdenominational Norris Religious Fellowship grew from being a Sunday school class to being the only Protestant church in Norris, The Women's Fellowship received its name. Its membership was essentially the membership of Good Neighbors but with added vision for service, fellowship and spiritual growth.  A component of its service has always been to raise money for the church, which it has done in many ways. By 1964, it had published eight editions of a cookbook, as well as having annual bazaars of crafts and handiwork.  When most women were not employed outside the home,  monthly  afternoon meetings featured speakers and entertainment. Cooking for the workers who constructed our social room and sanctuary was also a priority. Time and needs change, but the Women's Fellowship has always been an integral part of our church.

It takes many hands to do the work of the Women's Fellowship. We would like to invite you to be an active part of this work. We want each woman in our church community to have an opportunity to serve where she is best able and/or most interested. If we each do one thing well, no one will have to do much.


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