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​​​Education in the Church Today

The world is a global community and the church needs to prepare present and future generations for living, relating and succeeding in it. Too many children emerge from local church Sunday school programs either bored or afraid for their lives. Our purpose is to motivate, excite, and turn students toward the wonder of life and the mystery and awe of God.

Christian education must take up this challenge as an all-inclusive understanding of its role in the world. We can prepare our children and adults to not just articulate and understand their faith but live the very best of that faith in the broader context of the entire interfaith community.

​Our curriculum and program here at the Norris Religious Fellowship is teacher guided and directed. Sometimes, we work a module system, 4-6 weeks of intensive study of a story. Occasionally we will change this format and study another culture, or focus on a mission project, or study another faith. 

Our particular task is to meet children where they are, encourage them to ask questions about their faith, and explore the beauty of Spirit alive in all places and all people. 

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