​Norris Religious Fellowship


​​​Benevolence Committee (see our About page)

​     Jennifer Moore (Chair), Jean McEleney; Susan Miller, Rev. Neely (ex-officio)
Buildings Maintenance Committee 

     Bob Gregory, Jim McGann, Jim Miller, Terry Queener, and Rev. Neely (ex-officio)
Executive Committee 

     Jim Miller (Chair), Steve Bohanan, Cynthia Colborn, Susan Gawarecki (Treasurer), Dr. Michelle Leach Queener, Louna Koeut (Assistant Treasurer), 

     Dr. Jane Stribling (Corporate Secretary), and Rev. Karen Neely
Finance Committee

     Susan Gawarecki (Chair), Ed McEleney, Dr. Michelle Leach Queener, Louna Koeut (Assistant Treasurer), and Dara Wade
Grounds Committee

     Ellen Bean (Chair), Debbie Simmons, Rev. Neely (ex-officio)
Memorial Committee 

     Cynthia Colborn, Ellen Bean, Chris Moore, and Rev. Neely (ex-officio)
Music Committee 

     Bill Bell, Steve Bohanan, Kasey Moore, Mary Shelton, Carolyn Stribling, and Rev. Neely (ex-officio)
Youth Council 

     Samantha Sheehy, Amy Bakaletz

Women's Fellowship - Moving Forward Committee

     Jean McEleney, Paulette Booker, Samantha Sheehy, Susan Miller, Mary Shelton, Sara Neely, and Ellen Bean

Committee meetings should be scheduled and announced at least one month in advance and submitted to the Office to be included on the calendar and the notice published in the Sunday bulletins and The Bond. Minutes should be taken at all Committee meetings and filed with the office within one month of the meeting. Brief reports should be included in The Bond and responsibility for writing the reports should rotate among Committee members. 

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