​Norris Religious Fellowship


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​​Benevolence Committee - The Benevolence Committee takes the lead in developing and administering a program of benevolence ministries to church members and others.

Buildings Maintenance Committee - The Buildings Committee supervises the maintenance, repairs, operation, housekeeping, and upkeep of the church buildings.

Education Committee - The Education Committee is responsible for the education ministry of the church.

Executive Committee - The Executive Committee is responsible for carrying out the administrative functions of the church.

Finance Committee - The Finance Committee is responsible for raising funds to support the overall mission and programs of the church.

Grounds Committee - The Grounds Committee supervises the maintenance of the grounds at the church and at the parsonage.

Memorial Fund Committee - The Memorial Funds Committee is responsible for maintaining the Memorial Fund contributions made to the church.

Music & Worship Committee - The Music Committee has general charge of all matters concerning the music ministry of the church.

Nominating Committee - The Nominating Committee is responsible for nominating lay members of the Executive Committee and nominating the Church Treasurer.

Ushers Committee - The Ushers Committee has the general charge of greeting visitors and of the seating arrangement during all regular meetings of the church.

Vision Team - The Vision Team has as its mission the enrichment of life for the congregation & community in the areas of educational & experiential opportunities; for growth in a variety of spiritual, sacred & secular concerns.

Visitation Committee - Nurturing membership.

Youth Council - The Youth Council provides leadership to youth activities of the church.